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Established in 1990, Property Tax Service Company is experienced in handling high-profile, major assessment issues and efficiently organized to handle small, commodity properties, or large properties with complex valuation profiles. We listen intently to your business objectives and use our expertise to determine the best tax strategy for your situation.

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Why Choose P/T/S?

We understand the different taxing jurisdictions and leverage this to your advantage. Most companies lack the in-house expertise that PTS has to address the complex issues that impact property valuation and tax payments.

At PTS, we focus on teamwork and communication to unite our expertise with your internal resources and our primary objective is to ensure that together we achieve your business goals.

As a nationwide provider of property tax services, our clients and resources stretch across the United States and Canada from the largest metropolitan areas to small communities. Our goal, however, is to be next to you, at the table, providing strategy and support as an extension of your team.

We understand the different taxing jurisdictions and leverage this to your advantage.

P/T/S team members have deep knowledge of market sectors and industry services, including family entertainment, casinos, and hospitality. Both leadership and associates are immersed in the unique regulations, sensitivities and nuances of these and many other sectors.

P/T/S goes beyond reducing property tax bills by taking a holistic approach to service, listening intently to clients’ business objectives and personalizing strategy to deliver the best results possible.

P/T/S/ is hands-on and prioritizes in-person assessment versus evaluating paperwork alone.

P/T/S leverages personal and professional relationships in the business development process, increasing client satisfaction, trust and communication.  

Many of P/T/S’ clients have been with the firm for a decade or longer; a testament to P/T/S’ successful track record and relational longevity.

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Our Expertise

  • Theme Parks

  • Water Parks

  • Casinos

  • Movie Theatres

  • Aquariums

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers & Retail
  • Apartment Complexes

  • Ski & Mountain Resorts

  • Family Entertainment Centers

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Indoor Water Park Resorts
  • OREO Properties

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